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Hanoi Nancy Chandler`s Map-so sánh cung cấp mỗi

9786046458760 - Hanoi Nancy Chandler`s Map

Hanoi Nancy Chandler`s Map (?)

ISBN: 9786046458760 (?) hoặc 6046458765, trong tiếng Anh, Nancy Chandler, Mới, Đã ký

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When two residents of Hanoi created their own map of the city inspired by Nancy Chandler`s maps, the team at Nancy Chandler Graphics was so taken with it, they signed them on as authors. The result: A stunning new map that shares the authors` love of Hanoi. A treasure-filled guide, it shares the city s hidden charms, pinpointing special places and hard-to-find shops as well as great finds down Hanoi s little lanes including gardens and pagodas away from the hustle and bustle, and many useful tips. Nancy Chandler`s Map of Hanoi includes detailed area maps of Downtown Hanoi, Greater Hanoi, the Old Town, and expatriate havens Tay Ho (the West Lake district) and Ciputra (a gated community with its own unique address system), as well as market maps of Cho Dong Xuan and Cho Hom. The map is accompanied by an 56 page pocket-size directory/guide covering hotels, bars, all kinds of dining (including ice cream shops and street food recommendations), cinemas, cooking classes, shopping, sightseeing, and advice for getting around. For expatriates, included are housing developments, international schools, veterinarians, dry cleaning, supermarkets, and more.
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Số thứ tự người bán: 9786046458760
Thể loại: Maps, Browse All Products > Product Types > Maps & Atlases, Travel > Maps
Dữ liệu từ 15.04.2018 07:14h
ISBN (thay thế tả): 604-64-5876-5, 978-604-64-5876-0


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